Cable Management

We offer a full range of Networking & Cable Management services aimed to get you working with your wired cabled network infrastructure. Cable plants can be confusing and deciphering what can and cannot be used from legacy systems, new office spaces, or system upgrades can be a difficult task for any IT manager, especially for smaller business that don’t always have the time and resources to install entirely new systems. Taking advantage of existing network installs and hardware can potentially save your thousands in costs. Call us and find out what we can do to help you.

    Network and Cabling Services

  • Test, trace, tone and certify Category 3,5,6 copper cabling
  • Add, remove, move or terminate cable runs
  • Move, or migrate MDF network terminations, patch panels, network equipment, phone systems, and servers.
  • Map existing cable plants, plan and execute upgrades repairs and testing
  • Contract with local telecommunication providers to install Customer Premise Equipment
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting existing cable and wireless network problems, restore connectivity
  • Custom design and installation of wired and/or wireless networks, cable plants, drops and distribution facilities